Controller for VR11.1 processors touts automatic phase-dropping and fast response

Torrance, Calif.—Primarion's “Power on Demand” PX3560, a digital multiphase controller for VR11.1 core power regulation for the server and storage markets, touts an autonomous phase-dropping feature to cut energy usage in computing applications and fast transient response.

“Light load efficiency has become a key industry driver in the computing market,” said Deepak Savadatti, vice president of marketing at Primarion. “With its autonomous phase shedding capabilities, the PX3560 provides high-efficiency not only at light load, but across the entire operating range. The loop compensation is optimized on the fly during the PSI mode to provide a stable operation, while responding to large transients.”

Fully compliant with Intel VR11.1 specifications, the PX3560, working from a 3.3-volt supply, features a power state indicator (PSI) mode, which provides high efficiency at light loads, as well as an output pin (IMON) for current monitoring. The PX3560 allows the system to shed any number of phases based on the average current defined by the user to optimize the efficiency across the entire operating range. Phases dropped at lighter loads increase efficiency by several percentage points. The controller optimizes the loop compensation based on the number of active phases to provide stable system operation. The second generation of the chip's proprietary active transient response (ATR2) technology also enables the systems to meet stringent transient requirements.

With up to six phases, each capable of 1 MHz operation, the PX3560 can be used to build DC/DC converters that provide up to 200 amps. Interleaved timing of the channels results in a higher ripple frequency, minimizing input and output voltage ripple. The PX3560 incorporates an industry standard I2 C compliant serial interface and on-chip non-volatile memory (NVM) for real-time system control. This allows the power supply designer to quickly optimize designs and monitor system performance. The chip claims superior load line accuracy through internal calibration that measures and corrects current-sense errors.

The PX3560 is supported with an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). The new and improved GUI takes the designer step-by-step through the process of debugging and modifying the power system design. The ease with which the GUI can be used to intelligently manage the design process contributes to reducing the final product's time to market.

Availability : Presently in sampling, the PX3560, in a 7-by-7 mm, 48-lead QFN package, is now available to the general market.

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