Controller supplies power to CableCard hosts

San Jose, Calif.—Micrel Inc. launched the MIC2569YQS, a power controller designed to supply power to CableCard 2.0 cards in CableCard host systems.

The MIC2569YQS supports both S-Mode (Single Stream Video) and M-Mode (Multiple Stream Video) through a simple-to-control parallel interface. All voltage switching is soft-start at turn-on and break-before-make when changing between different voltage supplies. Output capacitors may be discharged during internal shunting of FETs.

Built-in current limiting protects both VCC and VPP output lines of the host system from card faults and accidental short circuits. The MIC2569YQ also provides a FAULT/signal to indicate that an over-current or fault condition exists and is equipped with internal thermal monitoring circuitry to protect the device in the event of a sustained over-current condition.

The MIC2569YQ is aimed at high volume consumer electronics makers of digital cable receivers, DTV/ HDTVs, digital DVR STBs, and digital satellite receiver applications. The MIC2569YQS is available in a 16-pin QSOP package.

Availability: Volume quantities.
Pricing: $3.31 for 1K quantities.
Datasheet: click here.

Micrel Inc., 1-408-944-0800,

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