Converter boosts conventional frame rate signals to 120-Hz

San Jose, Calif.—Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC) has added to its digital TV (DTV) semiconductor line the TC90240XBG, a device that integrates a scan rate converter to upgrade standard 60 Hz signals to 120 Hz.

The TC90240XBG is designed to improve the blurry motion sometimes seen during fast-paced action scenes in high-definition content. LCD TV OEMs can easily integrate the TC90240XBG into existing 60 Hz panel designs to quickly bring 120 Hz-capable LCD TVs to market.

The TC90240XBG uses LVDS connectivity to take the 60 Hz video signal from an LCD TV's MPEG decoder. Using a combination of motion estimation and motion compensation, the TC90240XBG builds the additional frames needed to drive an LCD panel at a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Pricing: Samples cost $30.
Availability: Samples are available now and the device is in full production.
Product brief: click here.

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