Converter rids 1080p flat-panel TVs of motion blur, film judder

Freiburg, Germany—Micronas has started to sample the FRC 94xyM Full HD (1080p) frame rate converter, which is designed to eliminate motion blur and film judder on 1920x1080p, 100/120Hz flat-panel TVs.

The FRC 94xyM generates 100/120 images per second using Micronas' patented truD FHD 120, video processing technology that generates 120 individual frames per second (fps) from 50/60Hz broadcast content and 24 fps film source. The result is a bright, clear moving image without motion blur on LCD TVs.

The FRC 94xyM features LVDS interfaces on both inputs and outputs, helping to reduce cost and pin-out. The reduced electrical noise improves signal quality throughout the design. The low-noise behavior is
further enhanced by the use of spread-spectrum clocks throughout the converter.

Micronas, 1 408-625-1200,

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