coresuite cube – Increased Capability at No Extra Cost

coresuite cube enables users to create individual reports from ERP data quickly and easily without any technical knowledge – now with multi-tenancy capability and support of up to five distribution rules per entry.

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WINDISCH, Switzerland, June 7, 2011

WINDISCH, Switzerland , June 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — core systems, the specialist in innovative business solutions for effective support of business processes, is extending the functional scope of core suite cube with the latest update.  The additional features include the installation of multiple tenants, the support of new manual distribution rules and the introduction of four additional distribution rule dimensions.  From now on, purchasing information will also be included in the sales cube. Existing customers automatically benefit from the new features.  

core suite cube is offered as a standard product for SAP Business One and is available in two variants (sales cube and finance cube).

core suite cube allows analyses and reports to be created without any technical background knowledge.  Directly after installation, the pull-down menu makes the most important reports available to the user for data analysis. These reports can be customized at any time and can be extended quickly and easily.  For example, it is possible to create a turnover analysis of all items throughout different countries within 10 seconds, including disclosure of quantity and margin per year, month, day or any particular time frame.

In the user interface, core suite cube accesses Microsoft Excel and other applications.  The Pivot functions therefore enable multi-functional analyses to be compiled and stored very easily, in a user- friendly manner.  The popular design options in Microsoft Excel are also available in core suite cube .  Colored diagrams, bar charts and pie charts can be created with just a few clicks of the mouse, giving reports more of an impact.

Save Time with Report Subscriptions

With core suite cube you can set up subscriptions for reports that are required on a regular basis.  With this function, you can set up the system to automatically create and send the chosen reports to the relevant people.  For example, the sales manager will receive the weekly sales report on Mondays, the managing director will receive the monthly turnover figures on the first of the month, and the board of directors will receive the liquidity summary every quarter.

Multi-tenancy Capability

core suite cube now enables cross-database analyses, making it possible to carry out comprehensive company analyses, incorporating subsidiaries and overseas offices.

Multi-dimensional Analyses

core suite cube now supports multi-dimensional analyses.  Allowing up to five dimensions, this opens up numerous possibilities for data analysis.  This information is indispensible for effective controlling.

Manual Distribution Rules

core suite cube now permits manual distribution rules, thereby allowing costs to be freely assigned as required.  This flexibility makes more accurate distribution possible – with correspondingly realistic cost analyses.

core suite sales cube with Twice the Capability

Sales information and now all purchasing data can be shown and analyzed in core suite sales cube .  For example, by comparing incoming and outgoing goods, core suite cube is able to track down potential “idle inventory”.

Global VAT

Value-added tax amounts from different countries with different currencies can be retrieved using core suite cube .  This appeals to companies that are liable to tax on sales and purchases in more than one country.

core suite cube is available as a standard solution for SAP Business One.  The one-off, net prices for the core suite sales cube and the core suite finance cube are EUR 3,500 and EUR 2,500 respectively.  Annual maintenance costs amount to 18 percent of the original purchase price.  Some of the new features in core suite cube require a previous update to SAP Business One, version 8.81.

About core systems ag

With its headquarters in Windisch, Switzerland , core systems ag was founded in 2002 and today, with in excess of 5000 customers (45,000 users), is the world's leading supplier of standardized supplementary solutions for SAP SMB products.  The company is a certified SAP GOLD (SSP) and Microsoft ISV Silver Partner.

The clients of core systems include small and medium-sized businesses as well as large corporates operating in a range of different sectors.  

The innovative core suite solutions enable business processes to be continuously supported in an optimal environment.  For this, the apps access local information from the ERP environment, and combine it in the cloud server for value-adding applications suitable for mobile use (such as on the iPhone).

core systems currently employs over 60 people and has other offices in London , New York and Shanghai , as well as support centers in Galway and Copenhagen .  Furthermore, core suite solutions are sold across the globe by over 350 qualified SAP partners.

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