Corvil Adds Multi-Dimensional Trade Performance Analysis and Visualisation to its Latency Management Platform

Strong Response With Over Twenty Major Trading Institutions Deploying New Release in the First Two weeks

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LONDON and NEW YORK, May 9, 2011

LONDON and NEW YORK , May 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Corvil, provider of
latency and trade performance management systems for financial markets, today
announced new trade support capabilities for its CorvilNet platform. Corvil
has added intelligence to track the routing of individual messages that make
up the transaction, as well as the overall outcome of the transaction itself.
Aggregate transaction performance such as fill rates, per client, per venue
and per gateway or other components can also be tracked.

Corvil has transformed how users and customers can visualize latency and
performance data from the platform using the new Latency Navigator. Trade
support, market data, and network groups can now create on-demand tailored
dashboards, or Latency Navigators, that represent the key metrics and
performance targets of interest to them. These Latency Navigators can
represent metrics as diverse as transaction latency, market data quality, and
network microbursts. These dashboards update in real time and alert users to
impending issues specific to their domain of interest. When problems occur,
they can either instigate a troubleshooting session straight from the
dashboard, or contact their support group to investigate.

Corvil also announced an enhanced Data Access Interface and Software
Development Environment. Using the Data Access Interface, customers can now
retrieve statistical information on a per-transaction basis for analysis,
archiving, compliance reporting or other purposes. With the Software
Development Environment customers can add bespoke real-time analysis logic
and new performance metrics to the product independently of Corvil. These new
metrics can then be viewed or retrieved in the same manner as native

The new release has been deployed in over twenty customer sites in the
last two weeks, including seven global investment banks, four major
exchanges, and five leading buy-side firms.

“There is great demand for a single platform that analyses network,
market data and transactions, yet is flexible enough to show each user only
what they need to see,” said Donal O'Sullivan , VP of Product Management at
Corvil. “We feel the rapid customer uptake of this latest version of
CorvilNet reflects that demand.”

About Corvil

Corvil is a provider of Latency Management systems to the world's leading
trading organizations including global banks, exchanges, electronic market
makers and service providers to financial markets. The company was founded in
2000 and operates from New York , London and Dublin . Customers use Corvil for
precision monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting of performance for their
trading applications and networks. In addition, Corvil's products are used to
demonstrate latency compliance and transparency of services such as
co-location, direct feeds and Direct Market Access (DMA) offered to trading
clients. For more information on Corvil, please visit


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