Create Audio Amplifier Designs in Minutes with National Semi’s Latest WEBENCH Tool

Santa Clara, Calif. — National Semiconductor Corp. has included audio amplifiers in its popular WEBENCH online design environment — providing the industry's first online tool created to speed the selection, design and evaluation of many types of audio amplifiers for a variety of applications, according to the company.

There are currently more than 80,000 registered users for National's WEBENCH online design tool. Over 17,000 designs are created each month using the tool, according to the company.

The WEBENCH Audio design environment supports a broad range of audio systems using amplifiers with output power ranging from mW to 60 W.

Examples of products available for design include:

    LM4811 Boomer dual 105 mW-amplifier for portable electronic headsets
    LM4890 Boomer 1-W amplifier for mobile phones
    LM4883 Boomer dual 2.1-W amplifier with stereo headphone functionality
    LM4780 Overture 60-W stereo amplifier

In the WEBENCH Audio environment, an engineer can create the complete bill of materials, circuit schematic, power output analysis, heat dissipation analysis and heat sinking for a National Boomer audio amplifier in minutes. An engineer visiting National's website needs no prior experience with National's products to complete their system. They can leverage National's in-house audio expertise to select from devices with hundreds of electrical characteristics and architectures, creating an amplifier system design with high-quality audio sound under their specific conditions.

Click here for the free WEBENCH design suite.

The WEBENCH Audio environment today allows users to create designs with over 50 National audio amplifiers, including our popular Boomer amplifier line, which is part of National's audio amplifier systems for the cell phone market, said Phil Gibson, vice president of National Semiconductor's corporate marketing group.

The design of audio products requires numerous calculations to be made and tradeoffs to be considered. National's WEBENCH audio environment vastly simplifies the task of comparing the performance of multiple devices in the same architecture, and the integration of the selected device into an overall audio subsystem. Overnight delivery is available on all of National's products with WEBENCH design capability.

The WEBENCH Audio environment is designed to work seamlessly with National's other WEBENCH tools, including the recently announced interactive product selector and National's online distance learning facility, Analog University.

Click here to visit Analog University.

Click here to check out National’s WEBENCH Audio environment.

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