Create thousands of amplifier and converter combinations with WEBENCH

Santa Clara, Calif. — The latest version of National Semiconductor Corp.'s WEBENCH online design environment is said to enable engineers to select and tune optimal signal-path applications in minutes.

The signal-path toolset provides an easy-to-use tool to select, design and evaluate critical data converter, amplifier, and filter components and circuits. Engineers can quickly create thousands of matched 8-, 10- and 12-bit data converter and amplifier combinations with this toolset, said Antonio Visconti, product line director of National's Data Conversion Division.

This WEBENCH expansion pairs the company's newly released low-power-consumption, general-purpose analog-to-digital converters (A/D converters) with its operational amplifiers to create more than 10,000 optimized signal-path solutions.

Click here to see the tool create an optimized 12-bit, 1 Msample/s signal path in two minutes!.

“The quality of the signal path is determined by the expertise of the designer and the performance of the components selected,” Visconti said. “National's signal-path designer tool helps both the expert and novice match our newest low-power-consumption A/D converters with the best filter and amplifier in a complete design in a matter of minutes,” he said.

The signal-path designer tool offers an intuitive, step-by-step guide to balance the resolution, speed and power consumption of a performance-matched A/D converter with the appropriate filters, passive components and amplifiers to create the optimal performance A/D converter/amplifier circuit.

National's recently announced general-purpose family consists of 36 8-, 10- and 12-bit A/D converters available in 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-channel configurations. These A/D converters offer guaranteed performance across three speed ranges between 50 Ksamples/s and 1 Msamples/s. They are also pin- and function-compatible within a specific channel configuration, which allows designers to migrate across resolutions and speeds, Visconti said.

In addition, National's high-speed data conversion products, with resolutions from 1 Msample/s to multiple Gsamples/s, will be added to the WEBENCH signal path designer toolset in the next year.

Overnight delivery in the United States is available on all National products with the WEBENCH environment.

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