Crescendo Networks Launches Free Web Performance Measurement Tool

MENLO PARK, Calif. , March 11 /PRNewswire/ — Crescendo Networks, the recognized performance leader for accelerating and optimizing application delivery for web properties, today announced the launch of a new online application performance calculator.


The free analysis tool, available now at, provides instant insight into web application delivery performance for any website to reveal potential weaknesses, evaluate the benefits of new technologies and demonstrate how Crescendo's Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) can optimize service delivery and website performance.

“We developed this sophisticated analysis engine to help companies understand the real impact web application enhancement components can have on service delivery and performance,” said Kristina O'Connell, VP Marketing at Crescendo Networks. “Now, IT managers don't have to just take a vendor's  word for it—they can see for themselves how ADCs can improve site performance and optimize server configuration.”

Unlike most web measurement tools that provide one “magic number” for potential improvement, Crescendo's new  performance calculator provides an unprecedented level of specific data to reveal the true impact of various ADC technologies on performance gain. To perform the test, users simply enter the URL for testing, the number of servers and the test source location they desire which establishes a benchmark on site performance. A true transaction generator injects traffic to the site and the analyzer crunches the raw data in less than a minute.

The resulting comprehensive report includes real data showing the expected performance improvements possible with TCP connection management, HTTP multiplexing, SSL offload, caching and other techniques used to optimize application delivery performance by Crescendo's ADC. For the first time IT managers of Web based applications companies can test the impact of ADC Technology on their site prior to spending money on Lab testing or procurement.

The Crescendo tool allows IT managers to dive deeper into the test results to illustrate the benefits offered by ADCs like Crescendo's AppBeat DC in comparison with traditional load balancer technology. AppBeat DC delivers optimal application performance while increasing server efficiency. Deployed on a purpose-built platform using dedicated hardware engines with parallel processors, AppBeat DC offloads processing-intensive tasks from servers and combines multiple acceleration features in one highly scalable appliance. Its unique, distributed architecture outperforms other solutions that experience performance degradation and resource contention when multiple features are enabled.

To try Crescendo's free performance calculator, go to

About Crescendo Networks

Crescendo Networks accelerates and optimizes delivery of business-critical Web applications through the market's best-performing application delivery controllers. A purpose-built hardware design with a massively parallel architecture enables Crescendo's ADCs to outperform competing products under peak load with all features turned on, allowing servers to serve user requests even under massive HTTP traffic or extreme load. The company's products are used by many of the world's most sophisticated and fastest-growing Web properties to ensure usability, facilitate rapid business growth, lower IT costs and capture additional revenue. For more information, visit

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