Critical Link Announces Next-Generation Embedded CPU Modules for Industrial Applications

SAN JOSE, Calif. , April 27 /PRNewswire/ — Critical Link, a Syracuse, NY -based electronics product development company, today announced that its MityDSP family of highly-configurable embedded CPU engines has been extended to include support for Texas Instruments' OMAP-L138, AM1808, and C6748 processors. With its new CPU modules, Critical Link better meets the exacting performance and rich user interface requirements of industrial application developers, and meets the needs of a broader range of developers.  The OMAP-L138 module is well-suited for industrial instrumentation, scientific instrumentation and inspection. The AM1808 module is aimed at more cost-sensitive applications that don't require DSP, including medical devices and industrial automation and control, while the C6748-based module is designed for high-end manufacturing quality control equipment, test & measurement, and communication applications.

“Greater choice was one of the main drivers behind our expanding the MityDSP product line to include additional TI-based processors,” said Critical Link Vice President Thomas Catalino . “We've long had modules that combined a DSP with an FPGA. Now we're adding an ARM MPU processor, which gives our clients expanded OS options and the ability to fully dedicate the DSP to signal processing.”

As it expands the MityDSP family, Critical Link, a member of the Texas Instruments Elite Design House Network, is working closely with TI. “One of the reasons why we have designed our CPU modules on TI processors is because of their long-standing commitment to lengthy product lifecycles,” Catalino added. “Because we have confidence that the processors we use will not become obsolete, we know that we'll be able to support our modules for many years to come. This gives our customers confidence that the CPU module within their products will not change, which is costly because of the product redesign, retesting and requalification required.”

“One of TI's pillars is making design easy for customers, which speeds time to market and lowers development costs for customers using our processors in their industrial applications,” said Kanika Carver , marketing manager, OMAP L-1x and C674x processors, TI. “Critical Link will help our customers shorten their development cycles, without sacrificing any of their custom requirements, or their demand for high quality.”

Critical Link is also developing an industrial interface board, purpose-built for these modules and the industrial applications they are used in. This board will be available within the quarter.

About Critical Link

Critical Link is an electronics product development company providing off-the-shelf building blocks and services to a broad range of industries, including scientific instrumentation, manufacturing instrumentation, test & measurement, communications, and defense.

About the Texas Instruments Elite Design House Network

The TI Elite Design House Network is a premier group of independent companies that offer system-level design and product services, including design feasibility, complete system design, hardware/software integration, prototyping and manufacturing across a wide range of product applications such as industrial, audio, medical, video, consumer and more. The Network provides a broad range of hardware and product design services to help worldwide customers accelerate product innovation and time to market.

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