Crystek : SAW clock oscillator generates low noise and jitter

Crystek Crystals announces the release of a 1GHz SAW Clock Oscillator (CCSO). Crystek designed the module using FR5 PCB and SAW (surface acoustic wave) crystal technology to provide a low noise, low jitter performance with true SineWave output. The resulting oscillator features -142dBc/Hz phase noise at 10KHz offset.

Model number CCSO-914X3-1000 comes in a 9x14mm SMT package. It uses a +3.3V supply and generates a true-sinewave with +5dBm min. output power. The new CCSO has no sub-harmonics; second harmonic is -25dBc typical. The CCSO-914X3-1000 operates from -40°C to +85°C.

Applications include: system clock for network clock generator/synchronizer; clock for DDS; test and measurement; avionics; point-to-point radios; and multi-point radios.

The CCSO-914X3-1000 is priced at $57.00 through distribution. For additional pricing details, contact Crystek Crystals Corp.

For more information, contact sales at Crystek Crystals, 12730 Commonwealth Drive, Ft. Myers, FL 33913.
Tel: 800-237-3061 or 239-561-3311; Fax: 239-561-1025;
E-mail: ;
Web: .

Editor’s note: Crystek Corporation® is a leading manufacturer of Frequency Control Products – quartz crystals, XOs (clock oscillators), TCXOs (temperature compensated oscillators), VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators), VCXOs (voltage controlled crystal oscillators), and TCVCXOs (temperature compensated voltage controlled oscillators). Founded in 1958, Crystek’s capabilities include custom manufacturing of quartz crystal and oscillators from quartz bars through packaged and tested finished products. Crystek’s facilities include climate controlled manufacturing plants and state-of-the-art product validation centers. Crystek’s on-site warehousing facility boasts an inventory of more than five million items, which allows the company to respond to most customer requests on a next day basis.

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