CSR : Low noise software delivers 30 dB of noise suppression

CSR has further enhanced its proprietary Clear Voice Capture (CVC) echo and noise cancellation technology with the addition of a dual microphone software feature. The dual microphone feature of CSR’s CVC software provides up to 30dB noise suppression allowing Bluetooth headset users to be heard clearly whatever the surrounding noise. Available now, the dual microphone option features in CSR’s low cost BlueVox DSP headset example design and will be available as a software feature on BlueCore5-Multimedia, CSR's single-chip Bluetooth multimedia silicon for high end mono and stereo headsets.

CSR’s powerful CVC dual microphone software incorporates Dual Microphone Signal Separation (DMSS) DSP processing that delivers up to 30dB of noise suppression in both dynamic and stationary noise conditions. The software performs exceptionally well irrespective of the direction of noise, and will suppress most types of sound including babble, road noise, background music and competing voices. The software also incorporates an automatic gain control to ensure that a user’s speech is maintained at an optimum volume, irrespective of the spoken level.

CSR’s industry leading CVC technology incorporates a sophisticated acoustic noise cancellation algorithm to provide the end user with the best audio experience. Rather than simply suppressing noise like many competing technologies, CVC separates out voice signals of interest with proprietary signal extraction techniques and adapts to the manner of the speech it processes. The software can apply its noise reduction in a granular fashion to suit the application and processing resources available, making CVC easy to embed into almost any headset system. All CVC software includes a Parameter Manager tool, which allows the user to tune software blocks to achieve optimum performance with any type of headset plastic.

“Introducing the two-microphone option into our embedded noise cancellation software was a logical step,” said Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President of CSR’s Wireless Audio Strategic Business Unit. “CSR’s CVC already offers advanced echo and noise cancellation with its full duplex single mic noise cancellation software. By having a second microphone to capture noise from a wider environment, background noise can be suppressed even more efficiently. With dual microphone CVC CSR is able to offer a high end, low cost solution to allow OEMs more flexibility to meet cost, power and manufacturing goals”.

About CSR

CSR is the leading global provider of personal wireless technology and its product portfolio covers Bluetooth, GPS, FM and Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11). CSR offers developed hardware/software solutions, based around its silicon platforms, that incorporate fully integrated radio, baseband and microcontroller elements.

CSR’s customers include industry leaders such as Apple, Dell, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, RIM, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TomTom and Toshiba.

CSR has its headquarters and offices in Cambridge, UK, and offices in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, France, Denmark, Sweden and both Dallas and Detroit in the USA.

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