Current shunt monitors improve accuracy, reduce board space

Dallas, Tex. — Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has introduced a family of high- or low-side measurement, bi-directional current shunt monitor ICs in SC70 packages. Utilizing a zero-drift bi-directional architecture, the INA210 family is said to provide outstanding accuracy up to 1 percent over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range, with 35 uV maximum offset. The near elimination of offset with zero-drift reduces the voltage drop and power dissipation in the accompanying shunt resistor by an order of magnitude, which reduces cost and circuit board real estate, said TI.

The INA210 family features a common-mode range from -0.3 V to +26 V, ensuring the ability to sense current, even on shorted power supplies. The inputs withstand differential inputs all the way up to the full common-mode capability. The bi-directional topology includes a reference pin for biasing the quiescent output to suit either unidirectional or bi-directional applications. The product family operates from a single +2.7 to +26 voltage supply. A low 100 uA quiescent current minimizes drain in portable applications and enables shutdown by removing the power supply. Even with the power off, the shunt inputs withstand the full common-mode voltage, TI said.

The product family is available in a choice of five gains to address different application requirements. Tailored for very low drop current sensing are the INA210 (gain of 200), INA211 (gain of 500) and INA212 (gain of 1000). Combining low offsets and gains, the INA213 (gain of 50) and INA214 (gain of 100) are well-suited for wide dynamic range current sensing. The ICs can be used in a variety of applications including servers, telecom equipment, automotive, battery management, computers, power supplies and test equipment.

Pricing: $0.65 in quantities of 1,000 (suggested resale price).
Availability: All members of the INA210 family are available now in a SC70-6 package.
Product information: INA210 family

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