Custom Design Innovators Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. Looks Beyond Traditional Uses of Keyboards and Keypads

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BOCA RATON, Fla., May 25, 2011

BOCA RATON, Fla. , May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Often software developers and organizations alike struggle to find an existing interface that contains the functionality their software requires. Fortunately, for the past 10 years, Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. has provided these developers with customizable and innovative designs.

Notable companies including Chevron, Kodak, and the United States Postal Service have turned to Electrone to solve a broad range of workplace efficiency problems and increase their workflow. The custom hardware solutions are built to exactly meet business, institution, and software developer's project requirements.

A Colombian government agency in Bogota found out first hand about Electrone's attention to detail and tailored approach to building keypads for customers to rate their agency experience. In developing the Bogota agency's necessary hardware, geographic distance was not an issue, nor was working across language barriers. The keypads turned out just as the client hoped – their colors, logo, six rating options, and a membrane rather than keys for easy cleaning and durability.  

By positioning itself as an industry innovator, Electrone has consistently exceeded expectations and provided custom programmable keyboard and keypad designs, helping organizations run more smoothly. Tim Daniels , International Store Implementation Coordinator at Specsavers explains, “We were having issues finding a manufacturer who would commit to producing keyboards over a suitable life span for commercial use…We needed a specialized wireless keyboard for continuous business use, on which we could standardize, with a guarantee of several years of manufacture and support… Electrone was the only supplier who could offer what we were looking for.”

Standing apart from its competition, Electrone places its focus on the needs of the organization rather than traditional capabilities of keyboards and keypads. In one instance, a food processing service required keyboards regardless of the expected number of sugary spills. Through a series of techniques, Electrone stepped up to the challenge. Its success test – the unit must tolerate a liter of cola and a liter of water, one after the other, poured over it and the user must be able to restart without the use of any tools, not even a screwdriver. 

Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. continues to provide top quality solutions across industries. Let today be the day your business takes advantage of Electrone's innovative hardware solutions.

For more information about custom hardware design offerings, visit . You can e-mail IT specialist Gonzalo Perez () or call 561-395-3398.

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