Cypress combines PSoC and nvSRAM for fail-safe data logging

San Jose, Calif. — Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has claimed the industry's first device to integrate a non-volatile static random access memory (nvSRAM) and a programmable system-on-chip (SoC) in a single package. Based on the company's flagship PSoC architecture, the PSoC NV family integrates configurable analog and digital circuits, controlled by an on-chip microcontroller, providing enhanced design revision capability and component count savings. The secure-store data logging devices target the computing, networking, telecommunications, automotive and industrial markets.

The PSoC NV devices can be used in applications requiring continuous data logging from sensors, analog, and digital inputs. The devices offer a powerful analog front-end that can simultaneously sample up to 8 inputs from sensors and analog sources and store the data in the embedded nvSRAM. Regular operation accesses are directed to a SRAM array and are automatically secured into a non-volatile quantum trap cell in case of power failure. This data can be recalled on power up.

The data logging capabilities enable field diagnostics and failure mode analysis, helping customers identify problems quickly and reducing system downtime, Cypress said. The devices have a 20-year data retention capability and can perform a host of applications such as voltage monitoring, voltage sequencing, thermal management, on-board diagnostics, power management, fan control, industrial data logging, and sequence-of-events monitoring.

Product specs: The 3.3-V PSoC NV devices feature a 64-, 128- or 256-Kbyte nvSRAM with a throughput of up to 100 Kbits/s, a M8C-based core with speeds up to 24 MHz, 32 Kbytes Flash and 2 Kbytes SRAM. The 12 analog blocks can be programmed to create an ADC, DAC and comparator, and the 16 digital blocks can be programmed to create timers, counters, PWM, UART and SPI. The 8 analog channels deliver a sampling rate of 820 samples/second. Other features include programmable GPIOs, an I2C interface, watchdog and sleep timers, and an on-chip precision voltage reference. The device operates over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Cypress also introduced two kits to support the PSoC NV family. The PSoC NV demonstration kit showcases the fail-safe data logging capabilities of the PSoC NV family in an event monitoring and diagnostics application. The PSoC NV evaluation kit provides an easy-to-use platform for developers to experiment with the mixed-signal and data-logging capabilities of the PSoC NV devices. The kit includes a fan module for temperature sensing and fan control applications, PSoC Designer software and example projects.

Pricing: $55 for the PSoC NV evaluation kit and $100 for the PSoC NV demonstration kit.
Availability: The 3.3-V CY8CNP102B (100-pin TQFP package) device is now sampling with full production expected in fourth quarter of 2008. The PSoC NV Evaluation Kit will be available in October 2008 and the PSoC NV Demonstration Kit will be available in November 2008. Visit Cypress Online Store for purchasing info.
Product information: PSoC NV devices, PSoC products and free online training

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