Cypress rolls out multi-rate video cable equalizers

San Jose, Calif.—Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has added two multi-rate video cable equalizers to its product line for the professional video equipment market.

The HD/SD/DVB-ASI (High-Definition/Standard-Definition/Digital Video Broadcasting – Asynchronous Serial Interface) video equalizers are targeted for applications with shorter cable lengths, while the SD/DVB-ASI video equalizers address broadcasting equipment requiring only SD-SDI (serial digital interface) or DVB-ASI bit-rates.

Applications include PC video capture cards, video switchers, video routers, logo generators, satellite decoders, and DVB-ASI encoder/decoders.

Both equalizers have 160-mW typical power consumption with a 3.3V power supply, offering a power savings of up to 30 percent over competing products, according to Cypress.

The SD/DVB-ASI video equalizers remove inter-symbol interference from video signals traveling over a cable, and use adaptive equalization to support different cable lengths up to 350 meters. The HD/SD/DVB-ASI video equalizers also use adaptive equalization to drive equalized SD signals up to 350 meters on coaxial cable, and HD signals up to 140 meters.

Cypress's SD/DVB-ASI equalizers are compliant with SMPTE 259M and
DVB-ASI data rates, while the HD/SD/DVB-ASI equalizers are compliant
with SMPTE 292M, 344M, and 259M, as well as DVB-ASI.

The HD/SD/DVB-ASI video equalizer is offered in a 16-pin SOIC
(CYV15G0100EQ) and a 16-pin QFN (CYV15G0103EQ). The SD/DVB-ASI video equalizer is available in a 16-pin QFN (CYV270M0104EQ) and a 16-pin SOIC (CYV270M0101EQ). All of the devices are currently in production.

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