D/A converter integrates 3D audio enhancement

San Jose, Calif. — AKM Semiconductor's low-power, stereo digital-to-analog converter (D/A converter) with an integrated 3D-audio enhancement circuit was made for ultra-compact mobile phones, smart phones and portable media players (PMPs).

The AK4368's 3D stereo enhancement and bass boost circuits provide better
quality audio and an enhanced listening experience for small portable audio
devices, the company said. The 3D stereo enhancement can also be used to apply effects on non-digital external sources and works with either the headphone output or
the speaker output.

Incorporating AKM's advanced automatic level control (ALC) technology, the AK4368 automatically adjusts the volume of mobile phone ring tones. The analog mixing function
enables the side tone, beeps and other analog signals to be mixed into the
headphone amplifier output. The device's stereo line out level can be set
independently from the headphone amplifier volume, allowing for seamless
transition to a docking station. The headphone amplifier delivers up to 40 mW
of output power to a 16-W speaker, and it has no pop noise at power on/off or
mute, according to AKM.

The AK4368 has an integrated phase-locked loop (PLL) that is compatible with most mobile phone standards, along with USB system clock frequencies. It can generate internal frequencies for audio playback, making it easy to synchronize the clock with
the application processor of mobile phones or media players.

The AK4368's power management function switches the power to each circuit
block on or off independently, and the microcontroller interface is both
three-wire and I²C bus compatible. The operating voltage ranges from 1.6 V to
3.6 V, with power consumption of just 4.0 mA at 2.4 V.

The AK4368 comes in a 41-pin BGA (4mm x 4mm). Evaluation boards and samples are available now, with production slated for August.

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The AK4368 is priced from $1.87 in 10,000-piece unit volumes, with production. Click here for the AK4368 data sheet.

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