D/A Converters – 14-bit buffered voltage-out DAC

Analog Devices introduced the first members of its new nanoDAC&#153 family of digital-to-analogue converters which provide breakthrough performance in smaller packages. Because of their compact size and low power consumption, these D/A converters provide significant advantages in space-constrained applications where power consumption is critical.

Developed using a combination of innovative design processes and packaging techniques, the converters are ideal for voltage level setting applications used in a wide range of communications, consumer and handheld battery-powered designs including digital cameras, projectors and PDAs. Leading the nanoDAC&#153 family's product offerings is the world's smallest, low-power D/A converter.

Available in a compact SC-70 package, the AD5641 consumes 70% less board area and 80% less power than comparable devices. Delivering 14-bit resolution and guaranteed monotonic behavior with a maximum power consumption of 100&microA at 5V, the AD5641 combines fine output control with low power in a compact footprint.

It is ideal for voltage level setting requirements such as generating bias or control voltages in space-constrained low power wireless applications, including cell phone volume controls and screen lighting.

In addition to the AD5641 , Analog Devices is introducing the AD5621 (12 bits), AD5611 (10 bits), and AD5601 (8 bits). These lower resolution devices provide suitable alternatives for applications not requiring the performance of the AD5641 .

The AD5641 is designed using a combination of Analog Devices' patented “segmented string” architecture, which offers unmatched accuracy in the smallest die area, and patented advanced chip-on-lead (COL) die packaging technology. The string architecture is segmented in substrings to provide significant die size savings, while the COL assembly technology maximises package cavity size and therefore minimises the customer's board footprint. Both innovations enable these products to provide customers with the best value on the market today, in terms of price and performance.

Analog Devices , 92182 Antony Cedex, France.

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