D/A converters are jammed with functionality

Norwood, Mass. — Multichannel digital-to-analog converters from Analog Devices Inc. are said to pack the highest concentration of analog signal processing performance in a single chip.

Developed using ADI's patented iCMOS process, the eight monolithic D/A converters extend the company's denseD/A CONVERTER family offering, combining up to 40 channels, high accuracy, and ±10-V range, in a tiny footprint.

ADI's iCMOS process combines high-voltage silicon with submicron CMOS and complementary bipolar technologies.

Click here for more details on ADI's iCMOS process.

Programmable on-chip features, such as calibration registers and automatic shutdown, ensure system reliability in harsh, high voltage industrial environments, while simplifying board layout, said Mike Britchfield, ADI's product line director, precision signal processing. “These devices satisfy the needs of today's systems designers trying to squeeze more and more functionality into smaller board space, particularly in ATE (pin-electronics), optical networking (switches, VOAs) and precision instrumentation applications (oscilloscopes, data generators, industrial I/O cards),” he said.

The AD5362 is said to be the first 8-channel D/A converter with bipolar voltage outputs, 16-bit differential nonlinearity (DNL) and 14-bit integral nonlinearity (INL). In addition, the D/A converter incorporates individual user-programmable offset and gain registers per channel, enabling board designers to calibrate their systems and compensate for signal errors that may occur elsewhere in the signal chain.

A 50-MHz SPI-compatible serial interface offers group addressing, facilitating fast updating of multiple D/A converter channels. It also offers flexible diagnostic features, including readback and packet error checking (PEC).

The AD5362 is available in an 8mm x 8mm 56-lead LFCSP. Other members of the pin-compatible AD536x family offer higher channel (16-channel) or lower resolution (14-bit) alternatives.

The AD5370 is a similar 40-channel version. A programmable 20-V output span provides flexibility in customizing voltage output levels. For even greater flexibility, the device is divided into five groups of eight D/A converters. A separate input pin is also provided for each group to enable remote ground sensing. Furthermore, the AD5370 has two voltage reference pins and two offset D/A converters, enabling the user to set different output voltage ranges.

The AD536x and AD537x D/A converters are sampling now, with production planned for June 2006.

Pricing for the AD5362/AD5363 and AD5370 D/A converters ranges from $19.50 to $62.90 each, depending on configurations, in 1,000-piece quantities. Click here for the AD5362 and AD5363 data sheets. Click here for the AD5370 data sheet.

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