DAB module includes iPod docking capability

London—Frontier Silicon is offering a reference design that enables audio manufacturers to quickly produce low-cost DAB/FM radios with iPod docking capability.

The Jupiter 3 (FS4023) platform is based on Frontier Silicon's Venice 5 (FS2025) DAB/FM module, which now has an integrated docking interface for communication and control of iPods. Conventional methods require a separate microcontroller and DAB module.

Jupiter 3 can be used as is or as a starting point to speed development of custom OEM products. And its modular-based approach simplifies the design and manufacturing process, making it easy to produce compact DAB/FM radios with iPod docking that could retail for approximately $70.

“Through Jupiter 3, we are helping our customers to rapidly bring exciting new combined DAB and iPod docking products to the market,” said Steve Evans, vice president of sales and marketing for digital audio at Frontier Silicon, in a statement.

Venice 5 is an entry-level DAB/FM module, featuring a small footprint, battery life of over 170 hours, and customizable software allowing manufacturers to deliver rapid product differentiation.

The 640 Kbytes of on-chip memory available on its baseband chip (Kino 2) enables valued added functions like FM, clocks, alarms, and timers to be implemented without the need for additional external memory.

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