DabDab Launches Novel Online Task Management Application

DabDab Inc., a U.S.-based software provider has launched a free online task and note management application. The DabDab organizational system features an innovative user interface and is packed with time saving functionality, all delivered via secure cloud technology.

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REDMOND, Wash., March 7, 2012

REDMOND, Wash. , March 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — DabDab Inc. announces the launch of a public beta version of its new online task and note management application, DabDab. The free offering is a personal organizer that is expected to revolutionize the way users manage their everyday projects. DabDab's user interface is easy to use, yet powerful in its function and flexibility. Tasks, notes, appointments and other data can be split into multiple projects, linked together or grouped under related labels with extreme efficacy.

DabDab's innovative organization system allows users to instantly filter, label and reuse information, with no duplication. From everyday tasks to important business trips, users can spend less time tracking and searching for scattered notes, and more time being productive. In short, DabDab is a ground-breaking personal productivity tool that brings task management to a new level.

The appeal of DabDab is that it is an online application, that can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet connection, but is optimized for a smooth user experience and delivers unparalleled functionality. The app features an integrated calendar that is easy to read at a glance. Personal notes can be organized and labeled in ways that make sense. Users can quickly assign hierarchy to favorite items, related notes, tasks and appointments and navigate effortlessly between them.

Advanced DabDab users can utilize its higher level tools and functions to further streamline and customize their accounts. Users can easily import appointments from Outlook, Google Calendar, or any calendar that allows exporting to the iCal format; and export data the same way. DabDab lets users invite friends or colleagues to collaborate on projects; changes are propagated in real time to all users working on the project.

DabDab Inc. is based in Redmond, Washington , and its online task management system is still under development. The DabDab app is currently free to use, and regardless of any future launch of a premium version current beta users will have continued access to the free version.

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