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Dancing with the “analog” stars: Planet Analog’s “Top 50” articles of 2010

It's natural for our audience to be interested in “most popular” or “top items”, and we happy to answer that interest. Below is a link to a spreadsheet, in pdf form, with 2010's “most popular” items from Planet Analog , measured by the basic metric of page views.

Please note that many of these items were first published (posted) prior to 2010, and that's OK. It shows that the issues and topics they cover are of lasting interest and value. For example, “noise” is an issue that never goes away; it still with us as it has always been, and it also re-appears in different guises in newer applications, as well.

Take a look at the topics which the Planet Analog audience—your fellow engineers and designers—were interested in. The list shows title, URL, and source (usually the vendor's name).

One other comment : an article I read several ago (I don't remember where) pointed out that mass-market magazines which are sold on newsstands find get better single-issue sales when they use prime or non-common numbers on their cover teasers: “13 ways to save money” or “37 ways to get a date” or “29 things ways to say 'it's over'”. Since we are online and we are not trying to sell magazines at the newsstand, won't use that gimmick—and anyway, this audience is too smart for fall for such a cheap trick. Our list presents the top 50 items, which seems like a reasonable cutoff number.

The ranked list does not include the number of page views per item. Sorry, that's confidential. But I can tell you that for this list, the top item (#1) received about ten times the page views of last item (#50). Also, there may be some rank-shifting, since 2010 has not yet ended, but I think any changes in that will be minor, if at all. Also keep in mind that items which were posted later in the year have had less of a chance to build up their numbers, compared to ones which were posted earlier in the year. Sometimes, life just isn't fair, as they say.

To see the list , click here . It is a pdf file, with live links in the column to the right of the articles, and the source to the right of the link column. Some of the longer article titles had to be truncated due to page-width limits, but you can still get a pretty good sense of the article's subject from what you will see. And even though the print is small, you can zoom it up, since it is a pdf file. [Final warning: depending on your set-up configuration, you may not be able to open the live links of the URLs; I am not sure why this is so. If this is the case, you'll have to cut-and-paste the URL into your browser.]


About the “author”
Bill Schweber is the site editor of Planet Analog as well as other sites under the UBM Electronics/EETimes umbrella.

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