DASH7 Alliance Demonstrates Momentum With Increased Membership, New Working Groups and Certification Program

SAN RAMON, Calif. , Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ — The DASH7 Alliance™, a coalition of organizations promoting a standard for wireless sensor networks, announced today that its ranks have swelled to more than 40 participating organizations, including leaders from the semiconductor, supply chain and RFID industries.  The Alliance also announced it has formed three new industry working groups, launched a new testing and certification program and has plans to introduce five specifications and protocol enhancements to the ISO 18000-7 (DASH7) standard by mid-2010.

New DASH7 Alliance members include Arira Design (US), Confidex (Finland ), Dolphin RFID (India ), Lyngsoe Systems (Canada ), Melexis (Belgium ), OnAsset Intelligence, Semtech (US), Syrma Technology (India ), and Wavetrend (UK).

“With dozens of industry leaders from around the globe, we're making great strides toward our mission of advancing the commercial success of the DASH7 standard,” said Patrick Burns , DASH7 Alliance president. “The Alliance continues to gain critical mass and momentum by establishing new working groups, a certification program, and a technical roadmap that will make it possible for businesses across industries to implement wireless sensor networks using an open, proven standard.”

DASH7 is a wireless sensor networking technology that evolved from the radio-frequency identification and sensing technologies used in the defense industry.  Unlike proprietary technologies and specifications, DASH7 is a globally available standard that offers 10-year battery life, a range of more than two kilometers and a low total cost of ownership. Operating at the globally available 433 MHz frequency, products with DASH7 capability will simplify the way we keep in touch with people, places and things across a range of enterprise and consumer applications.  

In late 2009, the DASH7 Alliance formed its first industry working group, the Container Sensing and Security Initiative (CSSI), to define the next generation of cargo container tracking and monitoring devices.  This week, the Alliance will launch three new working groups focused on understanding the unique sensor networking requirements of industries that operate in complex and rapidly changing environments, including building automation, air cargo management and security.  

The Alliance will also unveil its technical roadmap this week at its annual member meeting in San Joan, Puerto Rico .  Part of the organization's mission is to continue to evolve the core capabilities of the DASH7 standard, adding new features to meet the needs of various commercial industries and ensuring that it is able to take advantage of the latest advancements in hardware. This year, the Alliance's technical working group plans to release specifications for five new extensions and protocol enhancements that will improve the performance and efficiency of DASH7 devices and extend its capabilities, including enhancements around IPv6, encryption, sensors, and real-time locating systems.  

To promote and ensure the interoperability of DASH7 products and solutions, the Alliance has launched a comprehensive testing and certification program. The program will be run through a partnership with MET Laboratories, a company that provides extensive testing and consulting services for manufacturers and consumers of wireless products and systems. [Editor's note:  please see press release “DASH7 Alliance Launches Certification Program for DASH7 –Interoperable Products and Services”]

About the DASH7 Alliance

The DASH7 Alliance is a coalition of organizations committed to advancing the use of wireless sensor networking technologies based on the ISO18000-7 standard. Formed in 2009, the Alliance now has more than 40 participants.   Manufacturers, systems integrators, developers, regulators, academia, and end-users all work together to promote the use of DASH7 technology in a wide array of industries and applications. Participating organizations include Analog Devices, Arira Design, Confidex, Dolphin RFID, Dow, Evigia Systems, Hi-G-Tek, Identec Solutions, KPC, Lockheed Martin, Lyngsoe Systems, Melexis, Michelin, Northrop Grumman, OnAsset Intelligence, RFind, Semtech, Savi Technology, ST Microelectronics, Syrma, Texas Instruments, U.S. Department of Energy, and Wavetrend. Membership is open to end users, technology providers and research organizations. For more information, please visit


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