Data acquisition system features one differential input

Camarillo, Calif.—Semtech Corp. launched the latest member of its data acquisition platform, the SX8725, which is a single-channel, 4-mm x 4-mm device that is small enough to reside on a sensor board.

The SX8725 features one differential input but delivers high precision through its ZoomingADC functionality. SX8725ZoomingADC is the combination of a full 16-bit A/D converter and a powerful preamplifier that allows the device to zoom in (with a programmable gain from 0.1 to 1000) on a small portion of the analog signal. The SX8725 directly connects most types of miniature sensors with a general purpose microcontroller.

According to Semtech, the SX8725 can lower the cost of implementing portable sensing systems by allowing manufacturers to use lower-cost sensors without sacrificing accuracy. It replaces a slower and more expensive 24-bit A/D converter.

The SX8725 converts analog sensor data into a digital signal for processing and can be used with a wide array of pressure sensing, chemical sensing, load cells or temperature monitoring sensors. The SX8725 operates at voltages between 2.4V and 5.5V, making it compatible with most portable devices. Its current requirement is low enough to be integrated in loop-powered 4-20mA systems.

Pricing: $1.57 each in 10,000-piece lots.

Availability: The SX8725 (order code: SX8725E083TRT) is available immediately in production quantities.

Datasheet: Click here.

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