Datameer Unveils Marketplace for Buying & Selling Big Data Analytic Applications

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SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 22, 2012

SAN MATEO, Calif. , Oct. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — As data scientists are in limited supply and businesses demand insights faster than ever, Datameer today introduced the Datameer Analytic Applications Market and Datameer 2.1, the world's first platform where data scientists and subject matter experts (SMEs) can create and sell packaged analytic applications directly to end-users who need big data insights fast.

Finally, Data Science You Can Download

Now, rather than continually creating custom data analytic projects one at a time, data scientists and SMEs can create an application once, publish it on the App Market, and get paid each time a new user purchases their application. By using packaged analytic applications, businesses no longer lose the significant amount of time and resources it takes to build custom analytic solutions. Users can browse the app market for an analytics package or use case, and can also submit requests for applications to the developer community.

“Our customers have analyzed well over 80 petabytes of data in the past year alone, and despite them being in very different markets, one thing we've noticed is that there are a lot of common analytic use cases amongst them,” said Stefan Groschupf , CEO of Datameer. “With Datameer 2.1 and the new App Market, it's no longer just about making Hadoop analytics as simple as point and click, it's about getting insights as fast as finding an app and iterating from there.”

“Hadoop adoption is growing so fast that demand for analytics far outpaces actual applications and available data scientists to build them,” said Herb Cunitz , president of Hortonworks. “The Datameer Analytics App Market addresses this problem head-on by connecting business users with the expertise of data scientists via one-click applications, which will undoubtedly help move the entire Hadoop ecosystem forward.” 

Analytic Applications, Redefined

Datameer Applications are the only analytic applications available today that natively leverage Hadoop, meaning they can work with any type or amount of data, whether it's big or small, structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. Additionally, once downloaded, Datameer applications are fully customizable so the user can combine elements from different apps and further build on or adjust the analytics or visualizations to fit their specific needs.

The Analytics App Market will debut with a variety of free applications, ranging from horizontal use cases like email and social sentiment analysis to vertical or even product-specific applications like advanced Salesforce sales-cycle analysis.

“Atlassian products help development teams work smarter and iterate faster,” commented Jay Simons , President at Atlassian. “Since operational insights are key to running fast-moving product teams, we're looking forward to the analytic applications the developer community will build using Datameer's connectors for Atlassian.”

Apps, Insights, Analysis and Visualization are Self-Service

Beyond single-click app installation and creation, new features in Datameer 2.1 further demonstrate Datameer's mission to put analytics in the hands of business users. This includes several new data integration connections for popular data sources including email, Google AdSense, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Zendesk, GitHub, Atlassian JIRA, Google Analytics, and more. Several new productivity features within the spreadsheet interface makes performing iterative analytics on data both easier and faster than ever. Beautiful visualizations are easier than ever with several new advanced visualization widgets, and the all-new Business Infographic presentation feature enables users to “tell the story of the data” by letting users share multiple visualizations of their live data in a slideshow format.

Those who are interested in creating, selling or downloading packaged analytic applications can browse the Datameer Analytics App Market and sign up for a free trial of Datameer 2.1 today at

About Datameer

Datameer offers the first data analytics software and the only Analytics Application Market that helps end users access, analyze and visualize data of any type, size, or source with no analytics experience required. Founded by Hadoop veterans in 2009, Datameer scales from a laptop to thousands of nodes and is available for all major Hadoop distributions including Apache, Cloudera, EMC, Hortonworks, IBM, MapR, Yahoo!, Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Datameer is based in San Mateo, Calif. For more information on Datameer, please visit and follow them on Twitter @Datameer.

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