Decoder turns cellphones into media players

San Jose, Calif. — Atmel Corp.'s single-chip MP3 decoder allows mobile phones to play MP3 music and ring tones and to convert it into a pen drive.

The decoder requires minimal firmware development. An easy-to-implement protocol can be added to the baseband firmware. The baseband processor, acting as a master, controls the slave player with simple commands such as: play, pause, stop, next, copy file, get file. In case of a call, the player is stopped and any MP3 ring tones can be activated. The call is directed by the AT83SND2CMP3 to the earphone or to the speaker.

Its low power consumption — down to 37 mA offers longer battery life compared to currently available MP3 decoder solutions, said Bernard Bancelin, marketing manager of Audio Line at Atmel.

The AT83SND2CMP3 can also act as a mass storage controller for NAND flash, MultiMediaCard (MMC), Xd-Picture Card, and Secure Digital, allowing phones using this chip to play MP3 files or store pictures from a mobile phone-camera.

“You can quickly create two products in one: a mobile phone and a pen drive. It can be implemented in less than a month by adding basic commands to the baseband protocol,” Bancelin said.

While other MP3 decoder suppliers offer more expensive solutions, this decoder lets mobile phone makers eliminate the MIDI generator and combine USB-disk, MP3 player and the MMC/SD card reader into the same housing for only an extra dollar, he added.

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The AT83SND2CMP3 comes in a 9mm x 9mm BGA 100-pin package and is available in industrial temperature range. Pricing in 500,000-unit quantities is $3.85.Click here for the AT83SND2CMP3 data sheet.

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