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Busy Blogger
Busy Blogger, Busy Blogger, 7/12/2019   Comment now  
The utilization of electronics in medical applications could effectively enhance the quality of life of patients and prevent many cardiovascular distresses: this is confirmed by the result of an observational study, about the CPAP device (acronym of Continuous-Positive-Airway-Pressure), conducted by medical staff of the respiratory departments of the ...
Busy Blogger
Busy Blogger, Busy Blogger, 7/12/2019   Comment now  
This blog series deals with the potential of the utilization of smart electronic ICs in medical care applications; these ICs are produced by companies in the field of semiconductors such as STMicroelectronics which has a broad portfolio of ICs for medical applications:
Jonathan Dodge
Jonathan Dodge, Senior applications engineer, UnitedSiC, 7/10/2019   Comment now  
Many power conversion tasks involve taking an input voltage and turning it into a different output voltage, which has often been stabilized, converted from AC to DC (or vice versa), and then given galvanic isolation. This is what happens when you use an AC mains adaptor to charge your phone with DC, or an inverter to turn DC from a car battery into an AC ...
Busy Blogger
Busy Blogger, Busy Blogger, 7/9/2019   Comment now  
The industries sector is progressively increasing utilization of IoT technology to make the industrial processes automated in a very intelligent way. This can be done by enabling the interaction of the different parts of the supply chain by means of a bi-directional control system which is able to learn during the execution of the production cycle, thus ...
Busy Blogger
Busy Blogger, Busy Blogger, 7/8/2019   Comment now  
Medical care applications with electronic devices are becoming progressively more important and massively adopted. These systems assist people in an interactive mode, by means of all the features of smart ICs that allow setting a system to enable it to monitor and control the health condition of a patient in real-time.
Kendall Castor-Perry
Kendall Castor-Perry, Filter Wizard extraordinaire, 7/8/2019   Comment now  
OK, settle down at the back of the room, gentlemen and ladies! I know it made a nice change for you all that Jorge ran the last class ("An Appendix to Filter Wizard #14 ("Match Point")") while I was away doing battle with a tangle of hot transistors. Let him be an example to you all of what you can achieve when you actually do the darned homework. But ...
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