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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, April 18, 2012

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa , April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

South African start-up creates innovative offerings for international enterprise

In a post-recession climate, commercial software continues to lose traction in favour of Free and Open Software Solutions (FOSS), particularly in the corporate environment. However, with limited available support, companies are left having to fend for themselves, or forced to pay handsomely for specialised technical support.

South African development company, Snapt, has launched a series of revolutionary user interface tools that effectively utilise this open source software to provide powerful and economical solutions for corporate clients. Snapt's high-end customised open source software tools are not only easy to use, but at the same time offer the kind of support and reporting traditionally associated with commercial software offerings.

Despite being relatively new to the market, it hasn't taken long for Snapt to get noticed by some heavy hitters, both in South Africa and abroad, with NASA JPL, EuroVPS, and NeoAssist already among their pedigreed list of clients.

The company's two initial software offerings – Snapt HAProxy and Snapt Squid – have been built with business in mind, and afford enterprises the ability to effectively manage server capacity, as well as to maintain and monitor network systems and intranets.

“Our mission in the creation of Snapt was essentially to make open source software accessible and useable for big businesses,” says Dave Blakey , CEO of Snapt. “The user interfaces we've created can empower enterprises to really harness these existing frameworks, and ultimately manage them in the same way they would with commercial software, but at a fraction of the cost.”

In addition to an impressive clientele, Snapt has also managed to garner the support of 4Di Capital, a venture capitalist firm who immediately saw the potential of the company to deliver real return on investment for corporate firms.

“We immediately identified with the opportunity to make FOSS network and server applications more accessible to a broader market,” says Douglas Cherry , a partner at 4Di Capital. “Snapt offers a rich supplementary layer of value-added functionality, delivery and management capabilities, and we see it as being perfectly positioned to present an advantageously disruptive product to the network and server management space.”

With on-going investment and support from some of the world's biggest brands behind them, Snapt's future is bright, and, according to Blakey, this is just the beginning of the journey.

“The potential of FOSS is unlimited, and we're always looking to deliver an increased range of enterprise-ready offerings to a broader market,” says Blakey. “The need for such solutions is apparent, and we will continue to devise unique, user-friendly interfaces to efficiently and cost-effectively service the full spectrum of corporate requirements.”

About Snapt Squid

Snapt Squid is the perfect, low cost, high ROI solution for businesses. In a matter of minutes users can set up a cache server on any hardware and get huge bandwidth savings, lower response times, as well as detailed reports on network user patterns.

The software gives administrators full access control, allowing them to block sites, deny certain IPs and manage server capacity effectively.

With a detailed built-in reporting module, and access to 24/7 support, businesses can save up to 40-60% of their browsing bandwidth, substantially reducing costs and optimising performance.

About Snapt HAProxy

Snapt HAProxy is a powerhouse front end interface that turns the already robust HAProxy Load Balancer into a feature rich and easy to use tool. It allows companies to share the load of SQL, SMTP, HTTP, or any TCP traffic across any number of servers, and can be easily expanded with weights, maximum limits and several balancing methods to become the perfect, customisable ADC and allow its users to become proactive instead of reactive.

Snapt HAProxy gives users access to features like advanced reporting, control over the config file, status alerts and numerous other tools that improve overall use of the HAProxy load balancer, as well as introducing full redundancy and SSL offloading/termination, and layer 7 support.

Snapt HAProxy is easy to install and runs on any specified hardware, allowing users to directly control its performance. The software also comes packaged with on-going technical support, in order to ensure long-term efficacy.

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