Delta-sigma ADC features dual-path digital filter for design flexibility

Dallas, Tex. — Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has introduced a high-resolution (24-bit), high-speed (625 kSPS) delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADS1672 combines a wide bandwidth, high AC and DC performance, and a dual-path digital filter to give greater flexibility to designers of automated test equipment, test and measurement, medical instrumentation, vibration analysis and sonar/military equipment.

The user-selectable dual-path digital filter allows designers to easily optimize between bandwidth and latency to maximize performance of their application. The wide-bandwidth path provides AC performance of 305 kHz and very low pass-band ripple, enabling continuous measurements such as those required in sonar, vibration monitoring and communications equipment. The low-latency path provides a settling time of only 5.5 μs for applications with transient inputs or when used with a multiplexer.

The ADS1672 integrates a chopper-stabilized modulator, which enables both AC performance and DC accuracy characteristics such as the following:

  • AC performance: 107-dB dynamic range at 625 kSPS, 116-dB dynamic at 78 kSPS
    and -115-dB total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • DC accuracy: 3 ppm integral nonlinearity, 2 μV/°C offset drift, 2 ppm/°C gain drift

The ADS1672 features a selectable serial interface, either LVDS or CMOS, for easy connectivity to MCUs, DSPs or FPGAs. Operating from a single 5-V analog supply and 3-V digital supply, the ADS1672 is very energy efficient, dissipating only 350 mW of power. It is fully specified over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

Pricing: Starts at $11.75 each in quantities of 1,000 (suggested resale pricing).

Availability: The ADS1672 is available now in a TQFP-64 package. Evaluation modules (EVM) for this device will be available in 4Q08.
Product information: ADS1672 and data converters

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