Demultiplexer pair ensures DisplayPort compliance

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Parade Technologies Ltd. has introduced two DisplayPort interface products for PC and notebook applications dubbed the PS8318 and PS8312, which are demultiplexers designed for video source systems. Each device provides two selectable digital video outputs from a single digital video input.

The PS8318 provides two dual-mode DisplayPort outputs from a single dual-mode DisplayPort input. The PS8312 is a similar product, but has one dual-mode DisplayPort, and one DVI or HDMITM output that includes an integrated level-shifting circuit. The DVI/HDMI output can directly drive a DVI or HDMI system receptacle. Applications include desktop PCs, notebooks, and docking stations.

The PS8318 and PS8312 can be used for signal distribution within the system, and they can directly drive the digital video output receptacles. The PS8318 and PS8312 both include an advanced equalizer circuit at the device input to remove signal distortion due to PCB traces, cables and/or connectors. They also include advanced link training to provide optimized regenerated output signal characteristics that meet DisplayPort specification and compliance requirements.

Both the PS8318 and PS8312 accept “dual-mode” DisplayPort signaling from an upstream GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) video source. A dual-mode source can encode video data in either DisplayPort or DVI/HDMI protocol. The PS8318 and PS8312 selectively switch this dual-mode signal to the required output format.

The PS8318 and PS8312 are each packaged in an 8x8mm 56-pin QFN package. They can be operated through device pin control or through I2C bus interface from the system host. Both devices use a single 3.3V supply, consume low power, and feature automatic power management. They are compliant with DisplayPort Standard Version 1.1a and meet the DisplayPort PHY Compliance Test Standard Version 1.1. The PS8312 DVI/HDMI interface is complaint with HDMI Specification Version 1.3a. The PS8312 also includes an integrated EMI filter for the DVI/HDMI output port.

Pricing: the PS8318 and PS8312 are $1.45 and $1.60, respectively, in volume.
Availability: Prototype quantities now.

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