Design platform offers advanced features for RFICs

EL SEGUNDO, CA—Applied Wave Research, Inc. announced Analog Office 2006 software for the design of radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) for next-generation communications products. The Analog Office 2006 design suite includes the second generation of AWR’s Intelligent Net (iNet) technology, which powers “on the fly” interconnect extraction through an advanced interconnect-based design methodology.

The new release was designed to improve layout editing capacity and performance. Speed in common layout operations, such as opening designs, redrawing, and general editing, has been accelerated up to 100 times faster than the previous version. Physical layouts of hundreds of thousands of devices can be opened and viewed in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

Analog Office 2006 design suite provides an open RF design platform with five electromagnetic (EM) simulators, four circuit simulators, and a complete physical design and verification toolset. The Analog Office 2006 software delivers a proven design flow and validated process design kits (PDKs), which enable multiple tape-outs.

Key new features and capabilities in Analog Office 2006:

  • Interface to the industry-leading APLAC simulator
  • Robust new iNet2 model for faster and more accurate design, simulation, extraction, and layout of chip interconnects
  • Higher capacity, faster layout editing and advanced layout capabilities
  • Innovative SPICE extractor for efficient and accurate simulation in time domain
  • Streamlined integration to OEA International’s NET-AN 3D net extraction technology for on-the-fly interconnect extraction of multiple silicon nets
  • Busses/bundles, iterated instances, inherited connections
  • Electrical-rule checker (ERC) for current density, operating point limits, short checks
  • Strengthened link to Mentor Calibre design rule checker (DRC) and new Mentor Calibre layout vs. schematic (LVS) interface
  • Direct import of Synopsys HSPICE and Cadence Spectre netlists
  • Multiple technology support for seamless IC package module co-design

Analog Office 2006 design suite will be available in Q2 2006. A beta version is available immediately. The product supports Windows 2000, XP, and Linux. U.S. list prices for yearly, time-based licenses range from $8,000 – $45,000 depending upon configurations.
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