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Santa Clara, CA – December 15, 2003 – National Semiconductor Corporation announced its Amplifiers Made Simple tool, the industry's first online design tool created to speed the selection, design and testing of many types of operational amplifiers for medical, scientific, industrial and automotive applications.

The Amplifiers Made Simple tool uses a powerful component selection tool (developed by National engineers) to rapidly and accurately search among the company's portfolio of analog amplifier products; each with hundreds of different electrical characteristics. The tool lets users select from standard topologies and enter system requirements. It then searches among National's products to recommend the most appropriate op amps for the solution and creates a customized circuit. As with all the tools in National's WEBENCH? design environment, the Amplifiers Made Simple tool is available free of charge at

“Today, designers may use the Amplifiers Made Simple tool to design with 60 National op amps in 4 different applications to create more than 450 circuits.” said Phil Gibson, vice president, Web Business. “Over the coming year, we plan to expand this capability to include the entire National offering of 420 op amps in 30 applications, and more than 4,000 potential circuit designs.”

“Using the Amplifiers Made Simple design tool, I was able to exercise several op amp circuits and compare devices very quickly,” said Robert Burnham, Advanced System Architecture, Visteon Corporation. “As it expands, this has the potential to solve some real problems and become a valuable design tool.”

Amplifiers Made Simple: A Seamless Suite of Online Tools and Resources The Amplifiers Made Simple tool eliminates the need for a design engineer to perform tedious hand calculations. The tool offers instant access to the latest SPICE models, parametric data and package information, and lets designers simultaneously compare the performance of multiple devices. Overnight delivery within 24 hours is available on all of National's products with WEBENCH design tool capability.

The Amplifiers Made Simple tool is designed to work seamlessly with National's other WEBENCH tools, including the recently announced interactive product selector and online distance learning facility, Analog University. To try National's WEBENCH design tool for amplifiers, go to

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