DesignCon 2008: product roundup

Santa Clara, Calif. — DesignCon 2008 kicked off this week in Santa Clara, Calif. with a host of electronics companies releasing new products and demos. You'll find that a lot of interconnect manufacturers made a big splash with high-speed, high-density products for next-generation equipment.

Here is a list of the latest releases ranging from bus transceivers to test instruments.

Gigabit backplane bus transceiver embeds oscilloscope-like function for signal-integrity assessment

Gore demos active copper interconnects at 10 Gbits/s per channel

Gennum, Meritec demo 10 Gbits/s data transmission over low-cost copper cable

Mezzanine connectors deliver high density, high speed

SFP+ interconnect family operates up to 10 Gbits/s

Power module connector delivers 18 amps per contact

Backplane connector delivers 10 to 12.5 Gbits/s data rate

Molex delivers high-speed, high-density backplane connector system

Amphenol adds stacking version to high-speed connector platform

Contact interface delivers high density, high speed

High-speed connector delivers 10 Gbits/s+ data rates

Analog IC incorporates adjustable resistor technology

Precision waveform analyzer touts lowest intrinsic jitter

Automated compliance test tool supports UWB, Serial ATA and PCIe Gen 1

Tektronix uses National Instruments’ tester in Serial ATA effort

12.5 Gbits/s test instrument delivers programmable 3-tap pre-emphasis

Tektronix launches automated compliance test suite for serial ATA

Agilent adds transceiver model library to ADS EDA software

High-performance scope breaks 1-Gpt memory barrier

Agilent unveils DDR2, DDR3 BGA probes for scopes, analyzers

Test instrument delivers pulse and noise generation

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