Development kit simplifies evaluation of energy harvesting for practical implementation

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Advanced Linear Devices Inc. (ALD) has launched energy harvesting module development kits for system designers who are developing alternative power sources for low-power wireless sensor applications. Energy harvesting modules supply power to circuits for intermittent duty cycle operations such as sensor networks and wireless applications.

The ALD Energy Harvesting development kits are designed to simplify the evaluation process and technology of harvesting energy for practical implementation. Each kit comes with two EPAD energy harvesting modules as well as cables and connectors that link to power sources and applications. The kits provide an assortment of components and electronic circuitry that enables the capture and storage of electrical energy generated from ambient energy sources such as light, vibration, heat, chemical reaction, air and fluid flow.

The ALD EH301-Kit contains the ALD EH301 and ALD EH301A EPAD Energy Harvesting Modules designed for applications that require 3.3-V to 5.2-V power supply. The ALD EH300-Kit contains the ALD EH300 and ALD EH300A EPAD Energy Harvesting Modules for applications that require 1.8-V to 3.6-V power supply.

The EH300 Series modules can accept input voltages ranging from 0.0 V to +/-500 V ac or dc and input currents from 200 nA to 400 mA. Full functionality of the EH300/EH300A series modules requires 4.00 V and 200 nA/500 nA minimum. The EH300 is a 4.6mJ module with 1.8-V to 3.6-V output, targeted at ZigBee type of wireless standard transmission. The EH300A offers a useful energy output of 30 mJ, which provides energy for higher power, extended range transmission.

The EH301provides a useful energy output of 8.3 mJ module and an output on-time rating of 80 ms at 25 mA. The EH301A offers a useful energy output of 55 mJ and an output on-time rating of 88 ms at 150 mA.

Pricing: The EH300 and EH301 kits are available for $120.00.
Product information: EH300/EH301 energy harvesting modules

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