Device reduces unwanted noise in microprocessor-based equipment

The Ground Transient Terminator (GTT) from 9 Corp sets a new standard for electrical transient and surge suppression for electronic equipment. At the device level it is the first of its kind that can be safely installed on the ground line in order to eliminate one of the common causes of unwanted security systems alarms, crashes, lock-ups, and system degradation,–ground transients. The GTT works by opposing changes in electron flow on the ground wire. Unlike conventional suppression techniques protecting only the AC line, the GTT incorporates a patented circuit with no moving parts or sensitive electronics, and as a result, does not pose any threat to intrinsic safety ground.

Ground transients are a frequent problem and can cause significant disruption to the operation of microprocessor-based equipment. Microprocessor circuits are constantly measuring logic voltages against the “zero voltage reference” or ground and it's decisions are the result of discrimination of one rapid voltage transition from another, making ultra-clean and quiet electrical grounds essential. Current microprocessors expect to see less than .5 volts of neutral to ground and future innovations will soon be leading to designs using voltages of near .3 volts. If a microprocessor sees more than .5 volts, system lockups, communication errors, reduced operating productivity, unreliable data, fragmented hard drives, and damage to equipment may be seen causing operational problems that can not be duplicated or explained.

Current design applications include fire and burglary security alarm systems, test and measurement, medical, home theater and A/V, data protection on computer networks, telecom, and process and access control applications. Basically protecting any micro-processor based electronic device ensuring the utmost in reliability, clarity and quality performance.

The GTT offers a wide frequency range of 50 kHz to 2.0 GHz, with a fast response time for both current and voltage rise. The standard operating temperature range is -40° to 85°C. The device measures 65 x 55 mm. Contact 9 Corp. at (630) 762-1148 or Email:

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