Dialog powers up PMIC flexibility for mobiles

LONDON — Dialog Semiconductor has started sampling a multi-output power management IC targeted at mobile phones that is said to offer unprecedented levels of configurability.

The part also has peripherals, including a touch screen conteoller and watchdog timer.

Dubbed the DA9052, the part has been conceived as a platform system power management integrated circuit (PMIC) that has about 300 configurable functions and which, according to Mark Jacob, director of marketing at Dialog (Kirchheim, Germany) offers designers greater flexibility in reducing power consumption, size and cost in mobile phones and other portable multimedia devices.

“Conventional discrete and fixed function PMIC’s lack the necessary control and flexibility demanded by end customers when embedded within a processor platform reference design,” said Jacob.

Since consumer products are increasingly based on application and mobile graphics processors, the device will support almost all of those on the market, Jacob said.

He added flexibility is the key as there are so many software drivers and operating systems that also need to be supported, and drivers are under development to support many of these, including Windows CE and Linux.

Configuration is stored in a one-time programmable memory. This can be programmed on the bench using the GUI-based configuration software, or blown by Dialog to a customer’s specification before it leaves the factory.

“We expect to see it first in smart phones and portable media players and there will be products incorporating the device out in the market by the end of

this year,” Jacobs told EE Times Europe .

The part integrates four DC-DC buck converters as well as 10 programmable LDOs. The LDOs are low-input voltage, and eight of the ten can run from 1.5V.

Power rail sequencing is included and also on-board are options to turn off some supplies in wake-up and sleep modes, 16 GPIOs, a temperature sensor, and a 10bit ADC.

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