Dialog Semi, E Ink link for display drivers

LONDON — Mixed signal IC specialist Dialog Semiconductor plc and E Ink Corp. have joined forces to develop drivers for paper thin displays.

E Ink Corp. is developing electronic ink-based flexible reflective displays with thickness of 0.5 mm or less that would consume less power than other displays and have higher contrast than traditional newspapers. It uses its own developed electrophoresis technology.

Dialog (Kirchheim / Teck, Germany) and E Ink (Cambridge, Mass.) worked closely to define a specification for the electrophoretic display driver, producing a very thin IC package to minimize the thickness of the overall display module. The driver ICs feature low power consumption and tight integration to reduce costs.

Products using the Dialog chip are expected to be available in high volume later this year.

“This collaboration is in line with Dialog Semiconductor’s strategic focus of working with advanced display technology partners to create innovative and differentiated driver ICs,” said Manoj Thanigasalam, general manager of the display driver business unit at Dialog Semiconductor.

Thanigasalam added the driver will allow E Ink’s customers to use the paper-thin electronic paper in their application, and that Dialog anticipates numerous applications for the part.

Products made with E Ink's ink are targeted at consumer and industrial applications such as eBooks, cellphone screens to give added contrast and brightness in the widest of lighting conditions and transportation signage.

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