DiBcom chipset advances DTTV

Paris—DiBcom has launched the DIB7770 chipset that integrates the three functions for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) reception on PCs: an embedded RF tuner combined with a demodulator that is linked to a USB 2.0 bridge.

DiBcom also introduced its associated USB 2.0 development platform, the STK7770P.

The DIB7770 is intended for helping designers build very small and affordable USB 2.0 TV accessories for high-quality digital TV reception. The component will simplify DVB-T digital reception on all portable devices that have a USB 2.0 internal or external peripheral, (such as Mini Cards or Express Cards) in more than 30 countries, where the standard has been adopted and deployed through some 40 million decoders, according to the Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB) consortium.

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The DIB7770 chipset also integrates SAW filters and other discrete components, yielding small-sized DVB-T receivers that surpass the Nordig2 and MBRAI specification. They consume less than 500-mW of power, which is adequate for digital terrestrial reception (DTT/DVB-T) on PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs or Portable Media Players (PMPs).

The DIB7770 enables the design of USB 2.0 products for TV reception in UHF or VHF (dual-band tuner) and in either a single or diversity mode (dual antennas). The dual antenna product makes it possible to improve television coverage by more than 50 percent in areas with limited reception, such as urban areas and indoors, according to the company.

By combining the DIB7770 with the existing DIB7070-P, DiBcom offers an advanced product for digital terrestrial reception with dual-tuners to enable diversity, and personal video recorder (PVR) functions.

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