Didi’s Wardrobe Launches New Website for Indian Wear

Website for Buyers and Sellers of New and Gently Used South Asian Clothing & Jewelry

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CHICAGO, Nov. 15, 2011

CHICAGO , Nov. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Didi's Wardrobe (, a website designed to provide a marketplace for buyers and sellers of new and pre-owned Indian wear launched today.  The website offers South Asian clothing, jewelry and accessories for women, men and children.  Didi's Wardrobe is the first website dedicated to individuals looking to sell new and gently used Indian and Pakistani wear.  


Millions of Asians and non-Asians are always looking for Indian clothes and jewelry, but they don't want to pay significant sums of money to purchase these items.  Many South Asians buy expensive Indian clothing and accessories for special occasions, wear them a few times, and then store them in their closets – never to be touched again!  Didi's Wardrobe gives individuals a way to monetize previously purchased Indian and Pakistani clothing and jewelry.  Didi's Wardrobe provides a marketplace for both buyers and sellers to complete a transaction that meets each of their needs on a dedicated and secure site.      

“We are excited to launch a marketplace that is solely dedicated to Indian wear,” said Co-founder Dina Patel .  “Many of us have beautiful saris and lehengas hanging in our closets that we will never wear again.  Didi's Wardrobe provides a way to sell those 'like new' pieces to make space for something fresh.”

Extensive Inventory – Didi's Wardrobe has hundreds of Indian outfits and accessories listed for sale.  With more saris and kurtas in one place, buyers will be able to find the perfect outfit for any occasion.  The website filters its extensive inventory into categories which can be easily searched by users.

Affordable Prices – On average, buyers will pay 25-75% of the retail price.  Didi's Wardrobe does not charge a posting fee, and only charges a nominal fee to sellers if an item sells.  This encourages sellers to price saris and sherwanis at an appropriate and affordable cost to buyers.

Easy to Sell – Sellers have the opportunity to sell their clothing and accessories by posting an item through a user-friendly interface.  Didi's Wardrobe also offers a comprehensive service of posting and selling items for those individuals that are strapped for time.

Resell Items – After buyers have enjoyed wearing their Indian clothing or accessories, they have the opportunity to repost the items on for another lucky buyer to use again.  The price initially paid will likely end up being a fraction of the cost after reselling the items.

Seller Reviews – Buyers have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience by writing a quick review on their seller.  This functionality provides the Didi's Wardrobe community further insight into the quality of each seller.  The review system also encourages sellers to be honest and timely with their sales.  

For more information on Didi's Wardrobe, visit the website at

Didi's Wardrobe
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