Differential buffer for driving high resolution ADCs

Linear Technology's latest ADC buffer, the LTC6416, is described as a wideband unity gain 2GHz differential buffer for driving high resolution ADCs.

Outputting 1.8nV/rtHz referred noise at high frequencies, Linear claims that the LTC6416 won't degrade the incoming signal when using higher resolution ADCs. A transformer can be used at the buffer's input to achieve additional low noise system gain in high bandwidth applications. The company suggests that when driving high-speed ADCs beyond 300MHz, this part will maintain -72.5dBc of third-order intermodulation distortion and -74dBc/-67.5dBc second- and third-harmonic distortion, respectively.

The output common mode voltage is set by the VCM pin to match the ADC's input range. These programmable output voltage clamps mean that the maximum voltage levels applied to the ADC inputs can be limited, avoiding design concerns over ADC overdrive recovery.

The LTC6416 comes in a 2 x 3mm 10-lead DFN package and is available to meet commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

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