Digipot comes with temperature sensor and lookup table

Dallas, Tex. — Dallas Semiconductor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Maxim Integrated Products, has released a 7-bit nonvolatile digital potentiometer (digipot) that
features an output voltage of up to 15.5 V. The DS3501 is the first in a series of highly integrated nonvolatile digipots to incorporate temperature sensing, an ADC, and a lookup table (LUT) at approximately the same cost as a standard digipot, said the company.

The DS3501, housed in a 10-pin microSOP package, provides an ADC-addressable 36-bin LUT spanning a temperature range of -40° to +100°C. The LUT output can be added to a nonvolatile initial value register (IVR) or can simply replace the IVR to define the input to a 7-bit linear r-string digipot, said the company. Applications include LCD panels, optical transceivers, and industrial control where the ideal control voltage changes with temperature. As a voltage change can be linear or nonlinear with temperature, the DS3501 is designed to handle both cases. Programming is accomplished through an I2C-compatible interface that can operate up to 400kHz.

Pricing: Starts at $0.70 (100,000-up, FOB USA).

Dallas Semiconductor , 1-800-998-8800,

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