Digital accelerometers eliminate need for separate ADC

With the space and cost restrictions faced by mobile device developers in mind, Freescale has brought out two 3-axis digital MEMS accelerometers that eliminate the need for an extra analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

A digital output gives designers using the MMA745xL accelerometers more flexibility on layout options, plus the devices also can be integrated into system processors to simplify communication, according to Freescale.

The MMA745xL accelerometers offer motion signature detection and pulse detection, enabling functions such as tilt scrolling, gaming control, gesture recognition and tap to mute. They also support functions such as theft protection, freefall detection and back-up GPS.

Freescale is supporting the product with an updated edition of its ZSTAR demo board. The kit accommodates multiple digital and analog accelerometer boards, connected through a ZigBee 2.4GHz communication interface to a single USB node connected to a PC.

There is also the i.MX31 product development kit (PDK) for high-performance mobile device projects. This has an MMA7455L that communicates directly to the i.MX31 system processor, to ease design integration.

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