Digital audio playback IC delivers up to 30 s

The ChipCorder ISD2100 series, from Nuvoton Technology Corp., is a single-chip digital audio-grade IC designed to enable quick and cost-effective implementation of digital playback of voice and/or music in industrial and consumer applications. It provides audio playback of up to 30 s in applications where traditional external devices – microcontrollers, flash memory, digital-to-analog converter, digital filters and speaker drivers – are impractical.

Features include built-in digital compression, flash storage for non-volatile audio playback, a speaker driver, and digital audio signal paths. Specifications include less than 1 uA standby current consumption, a sampling rate of up to 32 Khz and a 60-dB SNR.

The device can be used in conjunction with a host microcontroller, but once programmed there's no need for microcontroller intervention. Programmable GPIO flexibility allows designers to trigger several different combinations of script macros containing audio files, enabling user-initiated audio applications. The ISD2100 can also be programmed via its serial peripheral interface (SPI) in either the field or manufacturing.

The ISD2100 is available in 20-pin QFN green packaging. Samples are available now with production scheduled for later in Q1, at $1 in volume quantities for the ten-second-duration version.

Nuvoton Technology Corp. , 408-544-1743,

Product literature:
ChipCorder ISD2100 Product Brief
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