Digital demodulator delivers front-end solution for DVB-T market

Santa Clara, Calif. — Xceive Corp. has released the XC800 COFDM digital demodulator that features the company's direct digital interface (XDDI). The XC800 is said to enable tight integration with the company's hybrid silicon tuners to provide a highly-optimized silicon front-end solution for TV and PCTV manufacturers.

Not requiring an analog-to-digital (ADC) converter, the XC800's XDDI interface results in lower power consumption and a more robust interface, Xceive said. The XDDI interface is said to deliver less noise interference than a traditional demodulator/tuner combination, resulting in better reception capability and higher quality video.

Xceive offers a bundled solution that combines the XC800 with an Xceive smart silicon tuner to deliver a reference design that accelerates TV and PCTV products to market. The XC800's integration with Xceive's hybrid XC4300 or XC5000 series delivers HD-quality images regardless of analog or digital TV reception. The XDDI also simplifies the tuner-to-demodulator interface and related system design to streamline the front-end design process for TV manufacturers, Xceive said.

In addition, when combined with Xceive's latest generation of smart silicon tuners, the XC800 helps manufacturers reduce their bill of materials by allowing the sharing of power supply and crystal between the two front-end components. Field trials have already taken place in Europe where the XC800 has met or exceeded requirements for all required standards, including Nordig Unified, DTG D-book, E-book and ETS 300 744, according to Xceive.

Pricing: $2.50 in volume.
Availability: Production samples of the XC800 and associated smart silicon tuner reference kits are now available.
Product information: XC800

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