Digital-input amplifiers enhance audio in HDTVs

Dallas—Texas Instruments Inc. has expanded its digital audio portfolio with two digital-input audio power amplifiers that combine 32 bits of advanced audio processing with 20 watts of stereo output power into a single device.

The TAS5709 and TAS5710 support speaker equalization (EQ) and dual-band dynamic range control (DRC) and offer TI's 3D and bass boost technology. Applications include consumer audio products, including high-definition televisions (HDTVs), media docking stations, digital radios and sound bars.

At 20-W stereo output power into 8 ohms at 18 V, the TAS5709 and TAS5710 provide ample power at high efficiencies from a common supply rail. According to TI, closed-loop architectures maximize design flexibility and sound quality.

For more on how closed-loop HDTV audio reduces space, cost and improves performance, click here.

Pricing: In 1K quantities, the TAS5709 is $2.40, and TAS5710 is $2.65.
Availability: Today.
Datasheet: click here.

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