Digital terrestrial TV demodulator for standard and high-definition broadcast TV in China

Microna announced the
DRX 398yZ family of digital terrestrial demodulators targeted at
the rapidly growing digital television market in China. The DRX
398yZ demodulates high-definition and standard-definition
television signals according to China's GB20600-2006 standard
which is also known as DTMB (Digital Television Multimedia
Broadcast). The chip is highly integrated and is optimal for
applications including set-top boxes, PVRs, IDTVs, Network
Interface Modules (NIMs), USB-TV sticks and PC-TV cards.

In August 2006, China released its own digital television
terrestrial broadcast transmission standard, GB20600-2006, which
includes both single-carrier and multi-carrier modulation.
Micronas' DRX 398yZ DTMB demodulator supports automatic detection
of single-carrier and multi-carrier modes and offers excellent
reception performance for both modes. In a single-carrier system,
this is achieved via the integrated time-domain equalizer
implementing an adaptive decision-feedback algorithm. In a
multi-carrier system, this is done via the frequency domain
equalizer in cooperation with the advanced channel estimator.

“DTMB is one of the most complex broadcast transmission
standards,” says Zhenning Zhang, Marketing Manager at Micronas
Shanghai. “Our experience in developing advanced demodulator
systems for ATSC and DVB allowed us to develop a device that
exceeds all DTMB requirements and enables robust and reliable
reception performance.”

The DRX 398yZ offers a high-level of integration, allowing TV
makers to reduce parts cost and simplify their designs. The
device requires only a single 8 MHz SAW filter, and includes PWM
RF-AGC and IF-AGC outputs. It integrates a high-speed 10-bit A/D
converter, a high-quality PLL which allows the use of a simple
crystal as clock reference, and SDRAM for de-interleaving.

The DRX 398yZ offers exceptional digital reception performance.
It offers robust synchronization in the presence of phase and
frequency offsets up to 500 kHz, and robust timing recovery up to
100 ppm of sampling offset. An on-chip microprocessor performs
autonomous detection and operation of all possible DTMB modes
without burdening the host processor.

Customers can choose between three versions of the device to meet
their specific design requirements. There is a single-carrier
version, a multi-carrier version, and one that supports both
modes. All versions come in a QFN64 package and are pin and
driver compatible with the other products in the DRX-series.

The DRX 398yZ includes a range of software modules to control the
device, including integrated tuner support. All modules share a
common API. This approach ensures accelerated design times for a
quick time-to-market which is essential in today's competitive

Prototypes are available to selected OEMs now. Volume production
is planned for the first quarter of 2009. Volume price for the Micronas DRX 398yZ is $12.

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