Digitally-controlled potentiometers housed in tiny package

Milpitas, Calif. — Intersil Corp. has introduced its ISL23511 and ISL23512 low-noise, low-power, single pushbutton digitally-controlled potentiometers (DCPs). Touted as the industry's smallest, these DCPs are housed in a 2 x 1.6-mm micro-TQFN package.

These DCPs feature a two-mode automatic increment/decrement function that allows the customer to hold the pin low until the designated position is reached. The initial hold will increment or decrement every 250 ms, and then enter the second mode after one second. At that point, the wiper position will change every 50 ms.

The ISL23512 is a 16-tap device that is suitable for applications that require only a limited amount of adjustment settings. The ISL23511features 32 taps for designs that need a higher resolution for more adjustment options. Both the ISL23511 and ISL23512 feature a +125°C operating temperature rating that allows them to be designed into high-temperature environments.

Both devices integrate a shutdown mode that disconnects the top of the resistor chain and moves the wiper to the lowest position, minimizing power consumption. The purpose of the shutdown is to completely disconnect the current path through the DCP but still keep the digital logic active. It can also serve as a quick calibration when the GND level needs to be verified.

Before July 2008, Intersil will also release the ISL22511 and ISL22512 non-volatile versions of these products in the same tiny TQFN packages. This will further expand the DCP offerings for applications that need to retain the last setting at power-up.

Pricing: The ISL23511 and ISL23512 devices in a 10-lead micro-TQFN package are priced at $0.50 and $0.39 respectively, in quantities of 1,000. The ISL23511 in an 8-lead SOIC package is priced at $0.49 each in quantities of 1,000.
Availability: Now.
Product information: ISL23511, ISL23512, and digitally-controlled potentiometers

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