Diodes launches bipolar junction transistor line

Dallas—Diodes Inc. has released 21 medium-power bipolar junction transistors in its SOT89-3L package.

The devices are suitable for a wide range of high volume applications, which include switching and linear amplification, pass elements for discrete linear voltage regulators, MOSFET drivers for switching regulators, supply-line switches, medium-powered load switches, and power management circuits.

The bipolar junction transistors feature high collector current ratings and low collector-to-emitter saturation voltages.

The 21 bipolar junction transistor components are offered in a voltage range of 20V to 300V and a current range of 0.2A to 5A. The part numbers released include: 2DB1132, 2DD1664, 2DB1188, 2DD1766, 2DD2150, 2DB1386, DCX51, DCX52, DCX53, DCX54, DCX55, DCX56, DCX68, DCX69, DXT3904, DXT3906, DXT2222A, DXT2907A, DXTA42, DXTA92, and DXT3150.

The components are produced at Diodes' manufacturing facilities located in Shanghai, China, and all are fully RoHS compliant, including Green Molding compound.

Datasheets: 2DB1132, DCX51, DXT3904.

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