Diodes : MOSFET packages save space and raise charger performance

For charging and switching applications in portable devices, Diodes Incorporated has introduced dual device combinations in thermally efficient ultra small DFN packaging.

The DMS2220LFDB and DMS2120LFWB co-package a 20V P-channel enhancement mode MOSFET with a companion diode in a choice of 2mmx2mm DFN2020 and 3mmx2mm DFN3020 packages. The DMP2160UFDB, co-packages two of the same MOSFETs in the DFN2020 format.

Compared to larger 3mmx3mm footprint packages traditionally used in portable application designs, the DFN2020 takes 55% less PCB space, and with an off-board height of just 0.5mm the package is also 50% thinner, suiting next generation product design. The MOSFETs used in these packages feature low gate charge and a typical RDS(ON), of 86mΩ at VGS of 1.8V, ensuring both switching and on state losses are minimised.

To further help improve efficiency, the type of diode employed in these packages is Diodes’ own high performance Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR). With a typical low forward voltage of just 0.42V, the SBR offers a significant reduction in power dissipation compared to conventional Schottky diodes.

In 10k piece quantities, the dual MOSFET DMP2160UFDB is priced at US $0.08 and the MOSFET/SBR combination DMS2220LFDB and DMS2120LFWB at US $0.075 and US $0.070 respectively.

About Diodes Incorporated

Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD), an S&P SmallCap 600 and Russell 3000 Index company, is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete and analog semiconductor markets, serving the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial and automotive markets. Diodes’ products include diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs, protection devices, functional specific arrays, amplifiers and comparators, Hall-effect sensors and temperature sensors, power management devices including LED drivers, DC-DC switching, regulators, linear voltage regulators and voltage reference along with special function devices including USB power switch, load switch, voltage supervisor and motor controllers. The Company has its corporate offices in Dallas, Texas, with a sales, marketing, engineering and logistics office in Southern California; design centers in Dallas, San Jose, Taipei, England and Germany; wafer fabrication facilities in Kansas City, Missouri and Manchester, England; two manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China, one in Neuhaus, Germany and a joint venture facility in Chengdu, China; engineering, sales, warehouse and logistics offices in Taipei, Hong Kong and Manchester, England, and sales and support offices throughout the world.

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