Direct Insight : System-on-module adds analog support

Direct Insight has added to the growing range of interface options for the SwiftModule family of production-ready system-on-module solutions by introducing an analog-to-digital converter extension board and reference design called SwiftADC.

SwiftModule allows the rapid deployment of a Windows CE based project based on the use of a production-ready module based on a Marvell PXA320 microcontroller running at up to 806MHz. SwiftADC adds to the library of interfaces that can be dropped into the design and incorporated on the project specific baseboard which houses the system-on-module.

SwiftADC adds analog input capability so that the system can measure voltages from different sensor devices, such as temperature, pressure, ambient light. The SwiftADC design is based on an Analog Devices AD7689 8-channel and 16-bit precision ADC chip which is connected to the Windows CE system via SPI protocol. The SwiftModule host SPI controller can run at up to 13Mbps which means that high sample rates can be supported, up to 250K samples per second.

SwiftADC ships with an extension board which plugs into the SwiftKit development system, full Windows CE 6.- R2 drivers for SPI and for the A to D converter, and a demo application.The SW part of ADC development kit includes SPI driver, AD7689 driver and demo application.

The new product is available immediately, worldwide, from Microsoft Windows Embedded Gold PartnerDirect Insight.

Additional information:
SwiftModule from Direct Insightis a low-power, high performance production-ready system-on-module supplied with a comprehensive production-quality Board Support Package (BSP) for Windows CE 6.0.This means that when aproduct is built onSwiftModule the most time-consuming and expensive part of the hardware design is already done, as is the equally costly porting of the operating system to the hardware, enabling the developerto get to market in a matter of weeks.  

All that is required to complete the project is a custom baseboard, either based on the schematics and libraries that are supplied, or created by Direct Insight, based on a”shopping list” of connectors and any additional interfaces.

Powered by a PXA320 running at 806MHz, SwiftModule is one of the most powerful ARM-based devices available today, yet it permits power consumption of under 1W in most applications. Thanks to athoroughly developed and tested BSP, the full power of Windows CE, Microsoft’s powerful real-time small footprint embedded OS, including an extensive range of interfaces and communications protocols, is available and ready to be used by theapplication.

Direct Insight supplies embedded development platforms encompassing reference kits, production ready modules, embedded development tools, training and services. Since 1992, we have helped thousands of developers who rely on our expertise, support and product solutions to get to market. A Microsoft Embedded Gold Partner and Registered Training Provider, Direct Insight is a leading source of expertise in the application of Windows Embedded operating systems.

Direct Insight is based in rural Oxfordshire, England.     

David Pashley
+44 1295 768800

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